Motorola DROID II Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)

Switched from the Incredible, When I switched to the Incredilble I couldn't stand not having a physical keyboard. So I traded my Incredible for the droid 2. From my 4 day experience I can definitely say its a keeper. Its just as fast as the incredible and same as the X. The screen is just right, not too small and not too big like the x. It fits in the hands nice. It is a little more bulky than my incredible but you get over it when you use that keyboard. I miss having the sense interface, but there are plenty alternatives. Battery life is what you would expect from a smartphone. A day at the most with moderate usage. I guess it works out good if you have a car charger. I absolutely love android and this phone runs it very well. I haven't had a crash yet in the 4 days. I am somewhat disappointed in the cases for it. I personally like rubber cases but for the droid 2, the keyboard limits that. The snap-ons are the only alternative and it causes the phone to slide harshly. Other than that I really enjoy it.

I Have had this phone for a little more than 2 weeks and it still does not disappoint. My only real complaint was the battery life, but now I have invested in the extended battery. For $50 it is a million times worth it. Before I was pushing about 12 hours and would die before I went to bed. Now it averages about 19-25 hours for me. It adds less than a millimeter and you cant even tell its an extended battery. Fits with my case perfectly. I couldn't be any happier.
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