Better photo of Nokia 5250 found, details still scarce

We caught a brief glimpse of the Nokia 5250 back in July and now it's back. New details are scarce but at least we're getting a better look at the phone. The design is freshened up, but the screen seems to be smaller than the one on the 5230. The Nokia 5250 is a Symbian S60 device and that's no surprise - this is one of affordable smartphones from Nokia, maybe even the 100 euro smartphone they've been promising (that is 100 euro without a contract, but before taxes). There seems to be quite a bit of bezel around the screen though - which leads us to suspect that it's a 2.9" unit like the screen on the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, rather than a 3.2" unit like the one on the Nokia 5230 (which is closer as a model number). Read more »


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