Acer Stream Unboxing

The Acer Stream retail package is one well stuffed Christmas stocking. The supplied charger has a changeable plug. There’s only one suited for the relevant market, but if you buy other plugs you won’t need travel adapters. The box also contains the usual one-piece headset, a data cable and manuals. We’re delighted to find some valuable goodies inside too: an 8GB microSD card with an SD adapter (which combined with the 2GB built-in memory makes for 10GB, not bad), and a microHDMI cable for pairing your Acer Stream to an HDTV. This is more than welcome since these are much rarer than regular HDMI cables. And last but not least, there’s a carrying case in the box as well. It’s not leather or anything fancy, but it will still do a good job of protecting the screen and camera lens.

Source : Acer Stream review: White water rafting.

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