Nokia C6 Unboxing

Nokia C6 Retail package

The retail box covers the essentials and leaves it at that. You have the charger plus a (short) data cable. The charger is absolutely tiny – a good thing since you’ll have to carry it when you travel, as the Nokia C6 doesn’t charge off USB.

The included headset is one-piece, so replacing the headphones while keeping the remote is not an option. There isn't a stylus included in the Nokia C6 retail package but we don’t miss that too much. A 2GB microSD card is supplied, but keep in mind that unlike the Nokia N97 and N97 mini, the C6 doesn’t have much of a built-in memory. You can use a bigger microSD card to compensate, the C6 supports cards of up to 16GB.

Source : Nokia C6 review: A playful character.

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