HTC Incredible Review

15 ways the Incredible beats the iPhone -- and 4 ways the iPhone is better
I had an iPhone and recently got the HTC Incredible. I loved the iPhone but hated AT&T. But I love the HTC Incredible even better than I loved my iPhone. Here's why.

HTC Incredible advantages over iPhone

I got rid of my iPhone simply because AT&T is terrible here in New York. My sister and her husband in Washington DC got an iPhone over Christmas and they complain about the crappy service there too. Verizon is blazing fast, the best service in NYC.

Surprisingly the iPhone doesn't have widgets. The Incredible has some really cool widgets you can use. Widgets are like icons you can add to home screens, but instead of opening a program, the icon itself will give you info or have some other type of functionality like a a list of contacts or booksmarks you can access directly without opening a program first.

Transfer files without iTunes
Whether you like iTunes or not, you are hamstrung using it with the iPhone. With the Incredible, transfer is simple. You connect the phone to your computer and you can copy over files to it.

Connect it to as many computers as you want
I can connect to my computer both at home and at work, something you can't do with the iPhone. Apple annoyingly limits you to one computer to update your iPhone.

Access the file system
Unlike the iPhone, you can copy, paste and delete files from the internal hard drive. You can also copy files from the hard drive to your computer--or any computer for that matter.

E-mail capabilities on the Incredible are better than the iPhone. In addition to global search, you can sort by conversation, sender, date, etc.

8 megapixel Camera with flash
The 8 megapixel camera takes beautiful detailed shots, even better than the iPhone's camera, which actually takes really nice photos as long as it's not dark. The iPhone doesn't have a flash. The camera on the Incredible did crash a few times, a but I'm hoping they will work out in later versions. The Incredible camera is also really fast loading.

Physical Camera button
The Incredible has a physical camera and video record button that works very well. With the iPhone you need to push a button on the touch screen, kind of annoying sometimes.

The Incredible is blazing fast. There is rarely any lag in switching or loading programs. Very snappy.

Mp3 player access without unlocking screen
When you're listening to music and you click the button to turn on the screen, you don't need to unlock the screen to see what music is playing. The iPhone has that as well. But unlike the iPhone, it also has usable back, pause and forward buttons on the locked screen.

Editable dictionary
You can see and edit the keyboard dictionary yourself and choose what words you want in it.

Send caller to voice mail
If you edit a user's contact, you have an option to always send that user to voice mail if you want. Minor, but kinda cool.

Weather on calendar
When you flip through upcoming days on your calendar, it also displays the weather for that day. Pretty sweet.

Google maps with layers
Android allows you to add `layers' to your map. For example, you can overlay the NYC MTA subway maps and see the actual subway lines. iPhone can't do that.

Super thin
This phone feels thinner than the iPhone, and I think it is in some ways. It certainly fits in my pocket a lot nicer than the Motorola Droid, which felt about 1/3 thicker than the incredible.

iPhone advantages over HTC Incredible

Music audio quality
I loaded the same some songs on both the Incredible and the iPhone and listened carefully. The iPhone's music audio quality, without any EQ, is slightly better than the Incredible. It's not bad on the incredible, it just sounds slightly punchier across the audio spectrum on the iPhone. The Incredible does have better sound quality than the Motorola Droid, which I also tested.

The iPhone has different equalizer settings. It's poorly implemented and easy to get low-end distortion but at least they have an EQ. No EQ on Android phones. Lame.

I like the way alerts and text messages pop up on the iPhone better than the Android. It feels like you need to dig too much to access new messages on the Incredible.

Of course, the iPhone's app store is far more extensive than the Android's. 95% of the functionality I can still get on the Android, but apps for the Android are almost always made second to iPhone apps if at all.
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